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Like our advice, our business is independent, nimble, flexible and entirely focused on helping our clients take the lead to make their property work in an ever-changing world.  We have the expertise, experience and desire to help you solve your problems and achieve your goals.


The transition towards a more hybrid form of office work will entail fewer days being spent in the office for the average employee and underlying change in demand for office space. The new reality is that the office needs to provide a mix of private spaces for virtual meetings with collaboration areas for face to face team work, learning and socializing.  Our new world of agile working requires a new blend of traditional bricks & mortar alongside remote digitization capabilities.


The much higher levels of e-commerce precipitated by the pandemic are having a significant and lasting effect. However, the re-appraising, re-purposing and re-opening of vacant retail units will reinvigorate town centres whilst increasing activity in the rental market as landlords and tenants embrace new ways of achieving their mutual goals.


The strong performance of residential land and property continues to  attract new capital and new ideas to gain exposure to this investment market.  With local authorities facing challenges over the supply and demand imbalance, a pragmatic approach is needed to challenge the traditional house builder model, and to bring forward new sustainable and environmentally considerate development sites, that provide a genuine mix of market and affordable housing, providing a place that residents aspire to live.  

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Changing trends in international travel and increased, discerning domestic demand will result in lifestyle, flexibility and design having a major influence on consumer accommodation choices, regardless of the reason for travel and irrespective of price point. Those that deliver on value-for-experience will yield the strongest revenue returns.

message from the managing director

Charles Maxlow-Tomlinson BSc (Hons) MRICS

I am passionate about planning and building for the future.  I believe in thinking differently, in order to deliver long term solutions above short-term returns. My 30 years of experience as a Chartered Surveyor, working in all aspects of UK commercial and residential property, has engrained in me the critical importance of balancing the needs and drivers of local government, private investors and the end-customers that we all serve.  

My career has spanned both the public and private sectors; beginning as a leasing agent at BNP Paribas, before joining Cushman & Wakefield as Deputy Auctioneer specializing in investment property.  By 2005 I was a Fund Manager, providing strategic asset management advice to the trustees of Local Authority pension funds which led to joining LV Asset Management as Deputy Head of Property. There I was responsible for the investment and asset management of a wide range of commercial and residential property assets throughout the UK, winning the EG Property Investment Award.  I have been Managing Director of New Reality Property since 2011, providing investment strategy, asset management and project co-ordination of large development schemes to Local Authorities.

I am a believer in the importance of change and maximising the opportunities change brings for all. There has never been a time like we are experiencing today, and our duty is to create the best possible, long-lasting outcomes for all involved.  I believe this is best achieved by challenging and learning from past experience, whilst applying the traditional core principles learnt through years of experience, professionalism and integrity.

It is for these reasons that I am proud to be leading the team at New Reality Property, where we have the desire and expertise to help you solve your problems and to achieve your goals.

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